The New Cook’s Almanac Is A Prize Winning Short

June 18th, 2008 by Clint Posted in film | 1 Comment »

The Filmmaking Frenzy folks sent a newsletter on March 24th which mentioned Dell Lounge was hosting the Frame Of Reference themed contest, submissions due April 4th. Entrants mix-and-match style, theme, and song into a short up to five minutes long. Writing and planning for The New Cook’s Almanac was done by the weekend, when Matt and I went to Nick’s house to film in his kitchen. The entire project was finished in about 9 days.

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After three rounds of voting and judging, we became one of three finalist groups eligible for the grand prize, which will be awarded for the best micro-budget twenty minute short produced before the August deadline. We’ve won money, a computer, and a trip to the Telluride Film Festival. Each team will also track its progress somewhere on the Dell Lounge website.

Marisa’s cooking show concept came from her deep appreciation for food and cooking shows like Good Eats and No Reservations. I had the script by Thursday, and spent evenings shopping for props. On Saturday Matt hot-glued fishing line to mini-squash while Nick and I injected food coloring into eggs. Finally, we had to negotiate with the Union of Flying Saucer Operators to get the heat ray to show up on schedule.

Editing took all the way to the deadline. The music was my piano version of the competition song. I can’t play piano, so it’s really a franken-recording of a few notes at a time, all glued together. Since it was so close to the deadline, the drum pad accompaniment was recorded in a single ad-lib take.

Enormous thanks to everyone involved, but you’re not off the hook yet. Our next short film is due August 20th!

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  1. Congratulations Clint (and the rest of the creative team)!!!! And, hey…what’s with cutting me out of your picture on your website? I’m just kidding. Oh what cute cheeks you used to have.

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